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The company was founded by Frank Zeitler in Bretten in 1997.
In order to be able to always offer optimal solutions to the customers, the company started at the beginning ofthe year 2000 to develop machines and technologies for the cleaning of vessels. Focus always was on devices which could provide an efficient cleaning with minimized consumption and high customer’s benefit.
When the premises became too small, a new industrial and administration building was built. The company, then with six employees, moved to Sternenfels in 2006. Until the end of the thirties, this place was the home of the sand millers who produced fine sand in their mills for the cleaning of the wood floors.

In 2008 the production area was extended to 1,200 sqm on the existing factory premises. The successful companyhas 25 employees today.



A pillar for the success of the company is the „MIT-Prinzip“ (principle of working together).
All employees are interested in working intensely TOGETHER in a team with colleagues or with the customer.
Putting forward own ideas and taking part in the development and care of products in the appropriate surroundings are the basis of our success. That’s the reason why successful products can be developed. New standards are enthusiastically set TOGETHER for the market.



AquaDuna, with its long experience and its partner companies, disposes of a variety of services and products in order to increase the efficient and economic cleaning of process plants, tank and vessel systems and devices. This serves to improve productivity and availability of the plants. We offer you a large range of services and competence. We are able to fundamentally improve your cleaning process. We offer you an optimization of the process technology, a high quality of the components, safety of the cleaning result and improved operating efficiency. These factors are the decisive parameters of our action.



Partnership means for us to tread together a path which is based on confidence for both parties and which yields a profit in the long run.
A lasting partnership demands honesty, engagement and the willingness to assume responsibility. The basis for this is competence, quality, reliability, openness and the capability for chances. Together we are strong!



The high degree of quality consciousness of our staff is a great motivation to further improve all processes and products.
This quality consciousness is not based on the mere completion of requirements, but on the personal responsibility of each.



He who knows and understands the targets of his customers, can develop new products and can carry out projects with constructive ideas, efficient procedures and innovations suitable for everyday use.














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