From the start the company’s founder Frank Zeitler put the company on a firm and wide footing. AquaDunahas been emerging to this day as a growing and expanding medium-sized company.



Company foundation in Dürrenbüchig

Frank Zeitler founds his own company in Dürrenbüchig, after having had leading positions in different companies for many years. First the company is a service provider in the electronics sector. The first tasks are the research and development of devices for well-known manufacturers.

  2000   Start and development of the OJ OrbiJet „Generation 1“ with patent application.
  2000   Start in the field of cleaning technology.
The company launches theOrbiJet.
  2003 Patentis granted on the OrbiJet technology.
The first 80 machines are sold.
Construction of a manufacturing plant in Sternenfels, today’s headquarters
Investments in own machinery.
Investments in a CNC machinery for a flexible production.The number of employees rises to 8.
Laying of the foundation stone for an extension of the locationSternenfels.
A new production hall having an effective area of 760sqm is built.
To extend business, affiliation with KIESELMANN Fluid Process Group.
  2009 The rotational cleaner series is increased by cleaners made of plastic for the chemical industry and presented at the Achemain Frankfurt on the Main.
  2009   Renaming of the product family to DUNOS.
Statojet, Rotajet and Orbijetare now DUNOS S, DUNOS R and DUNOS O.
  2010 New „Generation 2“ DUNOS O.
The new fluid-driven machine series was ready to brought to the market within a year. The introduction on the market of the jet cleaner is approaching.
The product family is extended by the DUNOS Rval, a monitored rotational cleaner, and by the DWS, the monitoring system for the jet cleaner.
Due to the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry, AquaDunais developing a monitoring unit for the cleaning process with rotating nozzles. A monitoring system for jet cleaners is available as well.
  2012 AquaDuna is today a company with 25 employees.

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