Operation Instruction

Get the latest information for the installation and maintenance of our cleaning equipment.
Proper installation and regular maintenance are indispensable for the lasting success of cleaning your tank.

To read and print you need the Acrobat Reader, which you can download free.

  Operation Instruction DWD 40
  Operation Instruction DRVal
  Operation Instruction Dunos R-RW
  Operation Instruction Dunos RB-RN
  Operation Instruction Dunos O50-90
  ATEX Operation Instruction Dunos O50-90  

We give you safety.

You can see with our pressure sensor if your cleaner reaches the inner surface of the vessel. And we can do just more – you achieve maximum safety with the validateable cleaner DUNOS-RVAL.

You are constantly informed by means of sensors directly at the rotating head if the cleaner is rotating in the required speed. In case it falls below the predetermined value or if it stops, a message or a control signal is output.

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