KIESELMANN concentrates in the FLUID PROCESS GROUP expertises made in different sectors of the plant engineering and components production by means of participations. This network of independent companies allows to offer and to carry out complex projects as a general contractor via the partner companies, without having to pay additional fees as it is common.

Paul-Kieselmann-Str. 4-10
75438 Knittlingen · Germany
Phone +49 (0)7043 371-0 · Fax +49 (0)7043 371-125

Innovative, reliable valves
Process components
Beverage pipelines
KIESELMANN Anlagenbau GmbH
KIESELMANN Anlagenbau GmbH
Planning and plant engineering
CIP plant
Flash pasteurisation plants
Pigging technology
Process automation
Plants and units
for the pharmaceutical industry
and biotechnology

D-1 Building Industry Zone Bodaxing
No. 24, Kechuangsan Street
100023 BEIJING, China

  KIESELMANN Liquid Processing Equipment (Beijing) Ltd.

KIESELMANN Liquid Processing Equipment (Beijing) Ltd.
Process technology
Plant engineering

Vasiliya Petushkove Str. 3
125476, Moscow, Russia

Process technology
Plant engineering

Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Ring 31
75447 Sternenfels · Germany
Phone +49 (0)7045 20498-0 · Fax +49 (0)7045 20498-90

  AquaDuna GmbH & Co KG
AquaDuna GmbH & Co KG
Cleaning technology
Control electronics
Medical technology

Lautlinger Weg 3
70567 Stuttgart (Möhringen) · Germany
Phone +49 (0)711 7 6 7 26 60 · Fax +49 (0)711 7 67 26 69

  VA GmbH Gesellschaft für Food Processing

VA GmbH Gesellschaft für Food Processing
Planning and plant construction
for the food and dairy technology
Membrane filtration
Process automation
Pfaffenstraße 24
74078 Heilbronn · Germany

VA GmbH Gesellschaft für Food Processing

Plant construction and assembly

Rötestraße 19
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen · Germany
Phone +49 (0)71 425 81-0 · Fax +49 (0)71 425 81-99

  RIEGER Behälterbau GmbH
RIEGER Behälterbau GmbH
Stainless steel tanks
Apparatus construction
Mixing work container
Full juice extractor

Horstring 16
76829 Landau · Germany
Phone +49 (6341) 5105-0 · Fax +49 (6341) 5105-85

  Landauer Ventiltechnik GmbH
Valves and process components


We are pleased to submit you a complete offer including tanks and the perfect cleaning machines.

Owing to the participation in the FLUID PROCESS GROUP, we are able to prepare a concept according to your demands with our partner company RIEGER Behälterbau GmbH. Tanks of all forms from RIEGER, which offer space for any liquid medium and which guarantee perfect hygiene to our cleaners.

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