Systematic cleaning



  AquaDunaCleaning systems give no chance to contaminations. Adapted to the different conditions and requirements of the production residues to be removed, our product series rise to the challenges in a most efficient way. Even very tenacious biofilms can be removed with our product systems.

► FDA compliant  
► GMP compliant 
► EHEDG compliant

Efficient cleaners tailored to your specific requirement
Our products are characterized by a small number of components and a design with minimal clearance volume. The performance of the cleaners is optimally adapted to the requirements by means of jet geometries, number of nozzles and/or rotational speedsspecifically adjusted to the process.
Of course, every machine is fitted with an extremely efficient self-cleaning system which prevents that the cleaning equipment itself becomes a source of contamination.

Qualification and validation
All cleaning results produced become repeatable with our products at any time. Thereby our products significantly support a necessary process validation and/or revalidation.
In order to guarantee a smooth and quick handling of the plant qualification, we naturally provide all necessary certificates of all materials and assemblies used. FDA conformity andcGMPcompliance are part of our business strategy.

Power on to the surface!
The almost loss-free flowing-through of the cleaning agents makes sure that the necessary energy is not destroyed, but arrives exactly there where it is de facto needed. Combined with a high surface quality and the stability of high-quality materials, our productsoffer highest operational safety and cost effectiveness in all respects.

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DUNOSS   DUNOSR   Monitoring systems

- Static cleaning head
- Particle-free
- Hygienic outer and inner design

  - Rotating head
- Fluid drive
- Direct 360° wetting
- Mixture of gentle mechanical
  cleaning and washing effect
- Self-cleaning
  - Rotationmonitoring
- Functionmonitoring over LED
- Mechanical effect with small
- Self-cleaning

- Jet cleaner
- 360° all-over mechanical 
- Selection of actuators
- Variable pressures and nozzle fittings
- Self-cleaning

  - Strong target zone cleaner for
  large vessels
- For tenacious contaminations
- Variable nozzle fitting for the
  respective target zone
Spraying heads for aggressive mediums        
Plastic cleaner for the application in steel-enamel and corrosive mediums        



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