Telescopic systems

  You have a combination of devices which requires a special positioning of the cleaning nozzle in the device, in order to overcome spraying shadows?

►   Isn’t a fix mounting possible, at the appropriate position, for the production process?
e.g. due to edge-to-edge agitators?
Would an immersion into the product the function of the cleaning nozzle influence or even damage?

We have solutions for problems of this kind:
This will save you a costly assembly and disassembly susceptible to damage. For an increase in safety, hygiene as well as elimination of avoidable costs and capacity losses owing to the minimization ofchange-over works.

►   Hygienically perfect outer and inner design of all parts touching the medium
Realisable for all cleaners
Wide experiences regarding special solutions
Any fitting position
Fix or mobile fitting possible

  Your profits are as follows: 
►  Increase in safety and hygiene
Elimination ofavoidablecosts
No capacity losses owing to minimization of change-over works




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